Thursday, 18 August 2011

Car Hooning

Do you ever wake up at somewhere between 2am and 4am to hear the sound of a v6 trying its best to sound like a v8 or higher? The penalty for getting caught three times speeding and hooning around is your car will be taken away and destroyed in a crusher machine. But i was listening to Pete Davies 360 show on mix 104.9 and a caller suggested an alternative solution. Take the car away and sell it at a government auction or something like that and give the proceeds to a charity. Or maybe put the proceeds into an account to help out the innocent victims of road crashes and grieving families, that are a result of hooning and speeding.

What other ideas could you come up with. Should these cars be taken away at all? Or should they be destroyed or simply fined?


Andy said...

Normally when I wake up during those hours, it's due to the sound of a V6 waking me up :(

Anonymous said...


Dan Carter said...

i remember when lewis hamilton got done for hooning. in the uk it would have been a case of. 'aw look, we've gone to so much effort to catch you, here's a £20 fine, go and brea the law again.'

K said...

Bowen is right

Destroy them!!