Thursday, 8 September 2011


Just started playing DEAD ISLAND. This is gonna be a kinda walk-through / review. Its my first one so stick with me.

The cinematic's so far are quite good. Using the game itself to make the cut scenes. Finding this is quite easy as items that can be picked up, moved or searched are highlighted or have an action icon above it when you look at it or close to it. I guess it allows more focus on action but useful all the same. My XBOX version was the UBER edition and came with the new X12 Headset. The sound is really good. When people scream as they are thrown over the railing you can literally hear them scream all the way down lol.

After I got through the elevator, i went down the hallways and spotted the first few zombies. They chase you and you have to run to the storage room. So i ran. What i didn't realize at the time was that you have to turn around as one of the doors have opened and you run back through that one. I found the peoples and was given the job to rescue someone outside. Did that and then had to go get that guys pass to get through the gates. I wandered around the whole place killing zombies and practicing different moves.

You can pick up extinguishers and throw them at the zombies damaging them and knocking them over. When they are in the water they take drowning damage which is good. Keep them down they die quickly. When they our out of water and you knock them down, walk over them and target their heads. With a blunt object you can knock it clean off. With bladed weapons during combat you get a critical hit or special hit and it goes into bullet-time. A nice way to savor the moment.

There are one or two side quests there you can do while your out looking for the card. If you come across doors they either cant be opened, have to be forced open or you just open it normally. Careful opening doors as there may be zombies directly on the other side. Its all pretty straight forward stuff. When you get to the life guards place there is a mini-boss or extra strong one that whacks you really hard and sends you flying. He wont kill you but DOES HURT! Its best to kill the other zombies around him then follow the little prompts to take him down.

All that remains is to clear out any remaining zombies and call the life guard on the radio. That's where I stopped for now will play some more later and continue on from there. Remember to look around and collect items that may be of value. You might get a recipe or two and you can make your own weapons. My first one I made was a nail stick. A small baseball bat with nails in it. Quite deadly lol.


fatbloodyfinger said...

Sounds cool. I might get this one later.

Daniel Alejandro said...

Looks good man!!

Majin_Curse said...

My best friend JUST purchased this game. It looks alright, but I think it would be best if it combined Nazi Zomby type engagements. Let the zombies move as slowly as they'd like and be as overpowered as they'd like. Just let me find guns and ammo. Hah.

Nice post though.