Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Well, the killing of the undead continues. Ive moved onto the third major area. I admit its taken me a while to figure out that some quests cannot be completed until you reach a lot further into the game. They pay a fair bit in XP and im assuming the item reward will be just as good. I managed to pick up a quest reward that allows you to upgrade any weapon you have that is metal. I upgraded a rare item i found that makes it damn near godlike. A machete that does over 300 damage on its own. Now it has the ability to shock the zombie as well. Allwoing you to keep your attacks up.

As the zombies level increase so does their resistance to your attacks naturally. They get harder and harder to knock down and slashing attacks get harder to chop off the limbs and head. There is even a MOD that you can attatch to your weapons that deploys an acidic poison that will gradually kill them. You do gradually get guns but most of them are quite weak as are the starting weapon types but its worth it. When you finish the armoured truck mission you get to a chapel. One of the people there offers his gun as a reward. But I have yet to see ammunition appear anywhere.

But one thing that is really good about the chapel is that the girl you take with you to the chapel can store any weapons / items that you don't want to carry with you. Especially weapons that you pick up but aren't high enough to use yet. Even if you cannot use the weapons then they can be upgraded and modified to improve them before you can even use them. You can upgrade yourself as well in the sense that you can learn different abilities. It is helpful that you can upgrade you carrying capacity. You can also learn the lockpick skill to open metal chests. They tend to have very good weapons in them.

But just as the zombies, they can be either empty or carry any type of weapon or item. But the chance they have an epic weapon in them is quite high. Enjoy. I have to play some more bye bye now   :)


fatbloodyfinger said...

I have to admit, I doubt I'd ever get sick of using melee weapons in Dead Island.

ZIane said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun!