Friday, 30 September 2011


Well, the game play stays pretty much the same but your tactics MUST change. The only useful tactic that you can keep using is to jump onto a car and kick the zombies away. Jumping onto a vehicle is the best way that i found to get out of the way of a rammer type zombie. I like to keep a couple of Molotov's handy just for them. If you can, i find it best to hit them with a Molotov from a vantage point then go at them with your best weapon.

When you start doing missions for the church peoples, you get missions taking you through sewers and places that are underground. You will start coming up against squatters and rouge people that you can kill for weapons and ammo. I find the sewer mission a bit buggy as I seem to repeatedly get stuck on a ladder and cannot get off. It took me about ten minutes to get unstuck from a ladder at one point so watch out for that stuff.

You will start coming across zombies that carry better and better weapons. The weapons they drop aren't really all that strong for use against them as the weapons you can build/modify/upgrade are far stronger and deliver more damage than ones that they drop. Picking up random bits of junk that you come across has its advantages as pretty much all of it gets used for something.

If you are desperate for money you can sell diamonds that you find around the place for 1500 bucks i think. The best place to get them is from the lady Svetlana out in a bungalow off from one of the beach areas. But you have to trade bottles of champaign for them. There is also a game builders mod you can get that uses 5 lots of diamonds in its construction. I regretted making it because i had far better weapons by the time i made it.  SAVE YOUR METAL SCRAPS. You use them to make ammo for your guns.

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Honestly I was kinda disappointed by Dead Island :/ Definitely didn't live up to what the previews suggested.